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  • Burnishing

  • Die/Mold Manufacturing

  • FE Analysis of Machining

  • Hard Machining / High Speed Machining

  • Material Properties / Formability

  • Tool Design & Geometry

  • Tool Wear

  • Burnishing
    Number Title Year
    584 Altan et al "Finite Element Modeling of Hard Roller Burnishing Process" NSF-DMI Conference, July 2006 2006
    554 Yen, Y.C., Sartkulvanich, P. & Altan, T. Finite Element Modeling of Roller Burnishing Process, Annals of the CIRP, vol. 54/2005, p.237 2005
    553 Finite Element Modeling of Ball Burnishing Process, submitted to NSF grantee's conference, Scottsdale, Az, 2005 2005

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    Die/Mold Manufacturing
    Number Title Year
    456 Altan T. and Lilly B., " Manufacturing of Dies and Molds", Key Note Paper, CIRP, 2001, Annnals of CIRP, v.2, p.405 2001
    427 Papoy, M. and Altan, T. “The Implementation and Impact of High Performance Machining in Die Casting Operations – Bringing the Science into Service,” NADCA Conference, Chicago, Nov. 6, 2000. 2000
    422 Altan, T. et al. "High Performance Machining for Die/ Mold Manufacturing- R & D in Progress", from "Machining Impossible Shapes", by G.J. Olling, ISBN- 412-84680-2, p.293 1999
    394 Akgerman, N. & Altan, T., "Common Sense in High Speed Milling of Dies and Molds”, Mold Making Technology Journal, Oct. 99, p.29 1999
    364 Altan, T., Shatla, M., Yen, Y.C.c and Akgerman, N., “High Performance Machining for Die/Mold Manufacturing – R&D in Progress” Keynote Presentation, SSM 98 Conference, November 1998 1998
    326a Rodriguez, C., Yin, V., Akgerman, N. and Altan, T., "Application of Fused Deposition Modeling to Die/Mold Manufacturing", Moldmaking Technology, October1998, pg. 21 1998
    352 Siegert, K., and Altan T., and Nakagawa T., “Development and Manufacture of Dies for Car Body Production”, Annals of CIRP, vol. 46/2/1997, pg. 535 1997
    351 Fallböhmer, P., Rodriguez, C. and Altan, T., “Practice Oriented Research for Die/Mold Manufacturing Industry”, Proceedings of the Second International Advanced Technology for Die & Mold Manufacturing Conference, Columbus, Ohio, October 14-16, 1997 1997
    327-1 "Systems Approach is Key to Die Moldmaking", Tooling & Production, May 1997, pg. 39 1997
    326 Rodriguez, C., Yin, V., Akgerman, N. and Altan, T., "Application of Fused Deposition Modeling to Die/Mold Manufacturing", Proceedings of CIRP International Conference & Exhibition on Design and Production of Dies and Molds, pg. 189, June 19-21, 1997, Ista 1997
    307 Scurlock, R. and Fallböhmer, P., "Milling Sculptured Surfaces", Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine, September 1996, p. 35 1996
    281 Berg, T., Rodriguez, C., et al (including Altan), “Tool Path Optimization for Finish Milling of Die and Mold Surfaces - Software Development”, Transactions of NAMRC XXIV, May 1996, SME, pp. 81-86 1996
    225 Yazar, Z., Koch, K-F, Merrick, T. and Altan, T. “Feed Rate Optimization Based on Cutting Force Calculations in 3-Axis Milling of Dies and Molds with Sculptured Surfaces”, International Journal for Machine Tools and Manufacture, V.34, No. 3, pp. 365-377, 1 1994

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    FE Analysis of Machining
    Number Title Year
    599 Altan, T.; Al-Zkeri, I.; and Sartkulvanich, P. "Process Modeling of High Speed Cutting Using 2D-FEM", Proceedings of the NIST-Machining Conference, March 2007, Washington, DC 2007
    589 Rech, J.; Al-Zkeri, I.; Altan, T. & Hamdi, H. "Optimization of the Cutting Edge Geometry of Coated Carbide Tools in Dry Turning of Steels using FEA." submitted to Machining Science & Technology, for review 2007
    581 Sartkulvanich/ Jasso/ Rodriguez/ Matsumoto/ Altan "Finite Element Modeling of Hard Roller Burnishing: An Analysis of the Effects of Process Parameters upon Surface Finish and Residual Stresses" ASME, J. of Manuf. Science & Engr, August 2007, p.1. 2007
    574 Sartkulvanich, J.; Sahlan, H.; & Altan T. "FE Analysis of Burr Formation in Face Milling of a Cast Al Alloy" Machining Science and Technology,v.11,p.157 2007
    583 Altan, T., Sartkulvanich, P., and Al-Zkeri, I, 2006, "Status of FEM in Modeling High Speed Cutting" CIRP Conference on High Performance Cutting, Vancouver, BC, June 12-13. 2006
    513 Yen, Y.C., Jain, A., Chigurupati, P., Wu, W.T. and Altan, T., "Computer Simulation of Orthogonal Cutting Using a Tool with Multiple Coatings", Journal of Machining Science & Technology, Vol. 8, Nr. pp. 305-326, 2004 2004
    393-1 Shatla, M., Kerk, C. and Altan, T. “Process Modeling in Machining – Part II – Applications of Flow Stress Data to Predict Process Variables", Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, v.41, 2001, p.1659. 2001
    393 Shatla, M., Kerk, C. and Altan, T. “Process Modeling in Machining – Part I – Determination of Flow Stress Data” Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture, V. 41, 2001, P. 1511 2001
    405 Shatla, M. and Altan, T. “Tool Workpiece Interface in Orthogonal Cutting-Application of FEM Modeling” NAMRC, May 24-26, 2000, p.173 2000
    387 Ceretti, E., et al (including Altan, T.) “Turning Simulation using Three dimensional FEM Code”, J. of Materials Processing Technology, V.98, No. 1, Jan 15, 2000, p 99 2000
    377 Shatla, M., and Altan, T., “Analytical Modeling of Drilling and Ball End Milling”, J. of Materials Processing Technology,, V.98, No.1, Jan 15, 2000, p. 125 2000
    371 Shatla, M., et al (including Altan, T.,) “Prediction of Cutting Forces, Temperatures and Stresses from Flow Stress Data and Cutting Conditions - Research in Progress", Int. Journal of Forming Processes 1998
    343 Ozel, T., Lucchi, M., Rodriguez, C., and Altan, T., "Prediction of Chip Formation and Cutting Forces in Flat End Milling - Comparison of Process Simulations with Experiments", Proceedings of NAMRC, May 1998, pg. 231 1998
    323 Ceretti, E., Taupin, E., and Altan, T., "Simulation of Metal Flow and Fracture - Applications in Orthogonal Cutting, Blanking and Cold Extrusion", Annals of CIRP, Vol. 1, 1997, Pg.187 1997
    310 Kumar, S., Fallböhmer, P., and Altan, T., "Computer Simulation of Orthogonal Metal Cutting Process: Determination of Material Properties and Effects of Tool Geometry on Chip Flow", Proceedings of NAMRC 1997, Lincoln, NE, May 20-23, 1997, SME Paper MR97-1 1997
    279 Ceretti, E., Fallböhmer, P., and Altan, T., “Application of 2D FEM to Chip Formation in Orthogonal Cutting”, J. Materials Processing Technology, 1996, vol. 59, nos. 1-2, pp. 169 1996

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    Hard Machining / High Speed Machining
    Number Title Year
    624 Kountanya, R., Al-Zkeri, I., & Altan, T., "Effect of Tool Edge Geometry and Cutting Conditions on Experimental and Simulated Chip Morphology in Orthogonal Hard Turning of 100 Cr 6 Steel", JMPT, 2009, P. 5068-5076 2008
    564 Denkena, B., Altan, T., Jivishov, V., and Al-Zkeri, I., 2006, "Influence of Materials Models Used in Finite Element Modeling on Predicted Scaling Effects in Machining," Production Engineering (WGP), Vol. XIII, pp. 103-108, 2006 2006
    563 Kountanya, R., Varghese, B., Al-Zkeri, I., D'Anna, L., and Altan, T., 2005 "Study of PCBN Tool Edge Preparation in Orthogonal Hard Turning" 1st Int. Industrial Diamond Conference, Diamond At Work, Barcelona, Spain, October 20-21. 2005
    370-1 Altan, T., et al “High Speed Machining of Cast Iron and Alloy Steels – State of Research, J. of Materials Processing Technology, v.98, No.1, Jan 15, 2000, p.104 2000
    412 Ceretti, al (including Altan), T. “FEM Simulation of orthogonal cutting: serrated chip formation”, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, v.95, 1999, p.17-26, 1999 1999

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    Material Properties / Formability
    Number Title Year
    623 Martinez, et al. (including Altan) "Inverse Analysis Methodology to Determine Flow Stress Data for FEM of Machining", Proceedings of the CIRP Conference on Modelling of Machining, Sept.2008, Washington, DC 2008
    541 Sartkulvanich, J., Gocmen, A. and Altan, T. "Effects of Flow Stress and Friction Models in FE Simulation of Orthogonal Cutting - A Sensitivity Analysis, Journal of Machining Science and Technology, v. 9, p 1-26, 2005 2005
    538 Sartkulvanich, P., Soehner, J. and Altan, T "Flow Stress Data for Finite Element Simulation in Metal Cutting - A progress report on MADAMS", Journal of Machining Science and Technology, v.9, p. 271-288 (2005) 2005
    451 Sartkulvanich J. & Altan T. "Determination of Flow Stress for Metal Cutting Simulation", Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 146, Issue 1, Pages 61-71 2004
    416 Shatla, M. and Altan, T., “Flow Stress Measurement and Applications in Metal Cutting” International CIRP Workshop on Friction and Flow Stress in Cutting and Forming, Paris, Jan 25/26,2000, p. 127 2000
    362 Ozel, T. and Altan, T., “Determination of Workpiece Flow Stress and Friction at the Chip Tool Contact for High Speed Cutting” International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacturing, v. 40, Nr.1 Jan 2000, p. 133 2000

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    Tool Design & Geometry
    Number Title Year
    547 Rech, J. (including Altan, T.) "Influence of Cutting Edge Radius of Coated Tool in Orthogonal Cutting of Alloy Steel", Proceedings of NUMIFORM 2004, June 2004, Columbus, Ohio 2004
    540 Yen, Y.C., Rech, J., Altan, T and Hamdi, H. "Influence of Cutting Edge Radius of Coated Tool on Chip Formation in Orthogonal Cutting of Alloy Steel", Proceedings of CIRP Conference on Modeling of Machining, France, May 2004 2004
    533 Yen, Y.C et al "Investigation of the effect of Tool Geometry upon Cutting Process Variables, Tool Wear and Burr Formation using FE Simulation - A Progress Report" NUMIFORM 2004, June 2004 2004
    485 Yen, E., Jain, A., Altan, T., "A Finite Element Analysis of Orthogonal Machining using Different Tool Edge Geometries", Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 146, Issue 1, Pages 72-81 2004
    500 Altan, T. "Virtual Machining Shortens Tool-Development Lead Time", Cutting Tool Engineering, Sept 2003, p. 26 2003

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    Tool Wear
    Number Title Year
    572 Rich / Yen / Schaff / Hamdi / Altan / Bouzakis "Influence of Cutting Edge Radius on the Wear Resistance of PM-HSS Milling Inserts" Wear, 259 (2005) 1168-1176 2005
    490 Yen, Y.C., Soehner, J., Lilly, B., and Altan, T., "Estimation of Tool Wear in Orthogonal Cutting using FE Analysis", Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 146, Issue 1 , Pages 82-91 2004
    514 Schmidt, C. et al (including Altan) "Tool Wear Prediction and Verification in Orthogonal Cutting" submitted to 6th CIRP Workshop on Modeling of Machining, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, May 2003 2003
    462 Yen E. et al " Prediction of Cutting Forces, Tool Stresses, Temperatures and Tool Wear in High Speed Machining - A Progress Report", Proceedings of the NSF Grantee's Conference, Jan. 2002, Puerto Rico. 2002
    461 Yen E., Soehner, J. and Altan T. " Estimation of Tool Wear in Metal Cutting with the Finite Element Method", CIRP Int. Workshop on Modelling of Machining, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, May 2002, p.149 2001
    426 Rodriguez C. and Altan, T. “Effect of Process Parameters upon Tool Wear of Ball-Nose End Mills.” Trans. NAMRC, May 2000, p. 221. 2000

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