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The material flow stress database for machining simulation (MADAMS) program has been established in order to collect and distribute the material properties useful for finite element analysis of machining processes to research community worldwide. The material flow stress data for high strain rate is the main focus of MADAMS. The flow stress data presented in the database were collected in forms of either equations or stress-strain curves.

Current Status

Currently, the material data have been collected from two major sources: a) data available from the literature and b) the information provided by German researchers (participating in DFG High Speed Cutting Project).

Access to MADAMS

  1. MADAMS took considerable time and effort to prepare. Therefore, access is provided to serious researchers with the understanding that the researchers will a) indicate their purpose for accessing MADAMS and b) contribute a summary of their results including references of related past work.
  2. MADAMS is available to all who have contributed data for its construction (Participants of DFG - (German Research Foundation) High Speed Cutting Project). 
  3. If you are a researcher or a student and need a password, please ask your faculty advisor (or the director of your institute/center) to contact directly Prof. Taylan Altan ( Email messages sent by students will not be answered and no password will be provided.
  4. Please include full name, contact information and statement of the purpose for using MADAMS database in your message. Statement of purpose (or the abstract of relevant work for which access to MADAMS is requested) can be one paragraph or half a page, to provide an idea on how you will use the material information from MADAMS (e.g. types of machining process, applications and what information to be obtained from analysis).
  5. We encourage users to contribute to the expansion of MADAMS database. Any material property data useful  for machining simulation, with the reference and related publications can be sent to Jay Sartkulvanich (


The effort necessary to prepare updates through 2003 have been supported by two NSF grants:

  • Grant No. DMI-9821020, Ohio State University, Prof. T. Altan
  • Grant No. DMI-0220924, University of Kentucky, Prof. I.S. Jawahir

For specific information about the activities and questions regarding the MADAMS program, please contact:

Dr. Jay Sartkulvanich, PhD, phone: (614) 292-3601, fax: (614) 292-7219

Dr. Taylan Altan, Professor & Director, phone: (614) 292-5063, fax: (614) 292-7219

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